Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hivefleet Megalodon stikes Paradise

I have nearly completed painting 500 pts worth of GW Tyranids.  I am playing in a paint & play league that adds 250 pts to the list every fortnight, starting with an army that we don’t have painted.

I will try and add some photos on the weekend.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Terrain Mats & Stage Coach

I have just ordered 2 mats from Terrain Mats.  These mats are the western and western front 4’ x 6’ versions.  I will post photos and give a review of them when they arrive.  I will be using them for my western games and wings of war games.

I have also ordered a stage coach from Dixon Miniatures.  Except for a couple of wagons, a stage coach was really what I needed to add the last special touch to my western town (except for my buildings).

I will try to scratch build some wagons, but not sure what I can use for appropriate wheels.  Any way, one project at a time.

Till, next time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paradise civilians move in

My town of Paradise now has 17 new civilians for it. Here are the pictures and their role in the town.

This is Silus Smith. He is both the mayor and the owner of the Pairadice Saloon.

Miss Kitty - Owner of Miss Kitty's (All the paradise that money can buy)

Finnius Jackson - the Gunsmith

Bartholomew - Stable hand

Mary - Bart's wife and works at the Pairadice Saloon

"Big" Bertha - Works for Miss Kitty

Andrew Worthington-Smythe - Owns the 1st National Bank

Constance Worthington-Smythe - Andrew's Wife

Ezekiel - Gambler

Jebidiah Johnson - Barber

Little Timmy - paper boy at Paradise Post

Tou-Meh Ne-chins - Owner of Laundromat

Miss Kathryn Dusters - Local School Teacher

Doc Tangent - Local Doctor

Freddy - Store hand for the General Store

Patrick O'Keefe - Bartender for Pairadice Saloon

Gran'ma Bell - Feisty old Coot who owns property that Silus wants

There are 3 more citizens to be painted and when they are finished I will post their photos.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Camera

I bought a new camera today so I am hoping that in the next day or so, I will be able to show photos of the good (and bad) folks of Paradise.