Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Vietnam terrain

I have made up some more buildings and some bunkers/foxholes.

village 1

village 5

village 3

village 4

foxholes 1

foxholes 2

foxholes 3

Monday, February 20, 2012

Vietnam village planners sacked

Over the last couple of days I have been building some Vietnam buildings called hooches.  I must admit that the first 4 buildings built were looking good until I painted them.  As hooches are made with grass/bamboo I tried to give the impression by using textured paint that I quickly slapped together.  I was not impressed but kept going and then painted them a nice green colour (of grass).  I then posted them up on the Fields of Fire forum and the helpful members reinforced my thoughts and was given extremely useful advice.

Using this information I have then constructed a new building (based on one I saw in a battle report) and I am much happier with the new version.  It is more labour intensive but so much more worth the effort.  The pictures go from the crappy ones to the new improved version.

The old

completed hooch 1

completed hooch 2

The new

improved hooch 1

improved hooch 3

Let me know your thoughts.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Termite Mounds

Here are a couple of photos of termite mounds that can be used for FNG 2nd Tour.  The rules are as follows courtesy of the author Darby:

Termite mounds- DV3 or DV4 (even chance). Each is approx 1"-2" wide and 4"-6" long (yes, they are linear), and are half as tall as a person. Troops standing behind a mound count as in cover, but not concealment from the ground. Troops prone behind mounds are considered to be out of direct LOS for being fired upon.  Troops behind termite mounds only count as in cover from the air if the mound is between the target and the aircraft.

Anyway on to the photos.

termite mounds 1

termite mounds 2

termite mounds 3

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jungle warfare stage 2

The jungle trees that I ordered have arrived and I have managed to build some more jungle bases.  The day before they arrived, my mother-in-law had bought a 200 piece dinosaur play set so as a result I have large amounts of jungle trees and not enough bases.  I will have to buy some MDF and hope that my ultra cheap jigsaw will cut out the pieces.

The new pieces.  Let’s play spot the Ruskie!!

scenery 2

jungle 1

jungle 2

jungle 3

jungle 4

Finally all the pieces together.

full jungle

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vietnam terrain

Here are the first pieces of terrain specifically built for Vietnam using the FNG 2nd Tour rules from THW.  There is a 15mm FOW Russian in the photos to help with scale.  I don’t have any actual Vietnam miniatures at the moment (except for two helicopters) so the Russian was sent down due to commenting to his Commissar that only communists (and level 1 PCs ) wear red.  I am waiting for more palm trees to arrive that I ordered off eBay to make more pieces.  I had initially intended to just individually base them but then found the larger bases on my gaming book shelf so I decided to use them instead.  I raided my boys’ army men play set to get these palm trees from.

scenery 1

rice paddy 1

rice paddy 2

rice paddy 3

jungle trees 1

jungle trees 2

Hopefully I will be able to get my miniatures soon.  Not sure if I will go for the FOW Vietnam or the Peter Pig miniatures, will have to think about it.  Any suggestions would be welcome.