Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Terrain Mats & Stage Coach

I have just ordered 2 mats from Terrain Mats.  These mats are the western and western front 4’ x 6’ versions.  I will post photos and give a review of them when they arrive.  I will be using them for my western games and wings of war games.

I have also ordered a stage coach from Dixon Miniatures.  Except for a couple of wagons, a stage coach was really what I needed to add the last special touch to my western town (except for my buildings).

I will try to scratch build some wagons, but not sure what I can use for appropriate wheels.  Any way, one project at a time.

Till, next time.

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  1. Unfortunately , I've got some runequest books for Elric and Slaine and some of the other RPG stuff that i'd like to get, plus the new stuff FFG has just announced and there some ASL stuff coming out this year. Oh well one day and at least one of us has it , maybe just in time for the Drachens and flight of the giants.