Saturday, June 8, 2013

Living the 'dream'?

Well the news that I had hinted at in April can finally be revealed.  Drum roll please............ I have started up my own FLGS called Pegasus Gaming.  I am currently getting everything sorted out but we will officially open this coming Monday.  It is very exciting as my wife and I will tag-team working there during school hours, allowing me to continue supporting the family with relief primary school teaching and on the days there is no available work and after school hours I can be in there.

I am definitely looking forward to this new chapter.  Our town has gone through a lot recently and my hope is that this will bring the gaming community together.  It has been fragmented for far too long and this worsened as a large number of gamers lost not only gaming material but their entire house contents during the floods.  Over the last couple of days, while I have been setting up the store, we have had people come in and not only to chat but to play as well, and I must admit to enjoying each moment that a laugh or an anguished cry echoed around the rooms.

Anyway back to filling out forms for trade accounts.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just thought I would post up some pictures that I took today of my space hulk board section.  Need to get moving on this project again.  Like always though, another project is vying for time and looks like it will be winning.  I want to make up 3d version of the warhammer quest tiles as myself and a couple of others are wanting to get back in and play it........ahhh memories!

Anyway on to the space hulk photos.

The next ones are just all the painted pieces I have thrown together.

And these last ones are obviously of pieces that need to be completed.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Floods and computer issues

Apologies for the lack of updates but things have been very hectic here over the last few months.  We have had record level flooding here at the end of January and things are only just returning to normal as a result.

Also my computer has decided to have motherboard issues so I have managed to get my hands on an old laptop.

The third issue is that my internet up until now has been sketchy at best and utter crap at worst.  My previous provider's wireless coverage is just utter rubbish and I was lucky to get an hour of connection each day.  This has now changed so I can connect when I need to.

So all in all, hopefully updates will be more frequent.  Current projects that I am starting to work on are painting up 40k Dark Angels and daemons, starting preparations for my pocket 40k armies, (see previous post) and some very big news that is too early to discuss yet.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Epic strikes back

A friend of mine has managed to drag me back (only slightly screaming and kicking) to Epic scale 40k.  He is currently using the Epic Armageddon rules but what I find interesting is the minigedon version.  This version is played with only 1000 pt armies instead of the 3000-4000 pt games so it uses only 4-5 detachments per side.  Therefore games are completed in only an hour or two.

As a side effect, I have some enthusiasm to play 40K again, this is more due to the fact that I discovered a website that plays it in 6mm and not 32mm.  This allows you to use epic scale figures and vehicles and can be played on a A3 size piece of paper.  It can be found here.  I intend to buy a magnetic whiteboard and use it to play this scale 40k on as the owners of the site recommend basing each individual figure on magnetic base to stop them moving around.

As a result of all the above, I have tried to find all my epic armies, with only some luck. I have managed to find my marines but not my Tau or my tyranid.  They haven’t seen the light of day in more than 5 years and 4 moves so I am hoping they are somewhere.  I did spend some money though, maybe prematurely, on buying some forge world epic Tau skyrays that I have just finished converting.  Painting will follow when I find my infantry and can work out a paint scheme.

I have included an epic scale rino and infantry base to show scale.

These are skyrays and no converting was done on these.


These are for my recon detachment – 4 piranhas and 6 tetras


These are hammerheads.  I have had to scratch build the main guns, nothing fantastic but should be ok.


These are my devil fish that will be used for 2 detachments of warriors and 1 detachment of path finders.


More pictures to follow as this project moves along.