Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paradise 1st National Bank robbed in broad daylight

This is my second battle report using Six Gun Sound and it features the Dilton Brothers as they attempt to rob the 1st National Bank of Paradise. I was going to do a playtest of my Superhero rules but was inspired to paint up my bank during the week so ended up playing this instead. I was going to play using the robbery scenario in the rules but as my eldest kid (8yrs) wanted to play so I just made up my own little scenario around it.

The key players are as follows:

            Rep Toughness Sand

Sheriff Withers: 5     4     4

Deputy Jack:   4     4     4

Ben Dilton: 5 4 5

Zack Dilton: 4 4 5

Dylan Dilton: 4 4 3

Civilians: 3 3 3


As one of my sons was playing I have modified the reps to make things a bit more interesting for him. The civilians were given an activation dice and when activated, would move 2d6” in a random direction determined by a GW scatter dice with a hit meaning they would stand still.

Turn 1

Law (L) 6, Baddies (B) 2, Civilians (Civ) 5

Earlier in the week the Diltons met up with their younger brother, Dylan who had decided to seek his fortune out west. Happy to be together again, they made their plans over a few bottles of the barman’s finest. They would enter Paradise in broad daylight and make their way to the 1st National Bank and would take as much as they could. Dylan had journeyed riding down with the last cattle drive and new that the Bank would be full of cash. They made their way to an alley just across from the bank and looked around. There were a few civilians walking around but no lawmen were in sight. Ben and Zach ran across to the middle of the road, while Dylan had noticed the stage coach was in town and who he would need to kill so he could steal it and use it as a getaway vehicle (This was my son’s idea as he was playing the Diltons and was quite intent on making a name forhimself in blood). As they were crossing the road, events took a turn for the worse as a civilian had come out of the bank and recognised the brothers. The cry went out “The Diltons are here, call the sheriff!”

Turn 2

L2, B4, C6

Sheriff Withers makes his way out of the rear of his office, but his deputy is far more gung-ho. As Jack runs out the front door he immediately gets involved in a fire-fight with Zack. Zack had seen the deputy leave and had waved a ‘friendly’ lead-filled good morning. The resulting gunfight, as Ben eagerly in, with Jack taking a leg wound and having his movement halved as a result and ducking for cover behind the water trough in front of the Saloon and Zach being hit in the Guts but only resulting in a scratch and Ben unharmed but ducking for cover behind some containers.

Turn 3

L1, B3, C2

Ben gets up from his cover and as he enters the bank, he yells “Give me all of your money or I will kill y’all.” Zack had taken umbrage at the civilian that had yelled out in fear, it must have been fear as he was rotted to the spot, and decided to make him pay. With a quick flick of his wrist and a pull on the trigger, the civilian fell dead with a bullet hole in the back of his head as Zach enters the bank.

Jack gets to his knees, and using the trough for cover, shoots at Dylan. The only thing that was hit was Dylan’s courage and he fled the town, with yells of “I’ll go ready the horses, fellas’.

By now, some of the civilians had managed to get over their initial hesitation and started to run for cover or in some case just blindly ran.

Turn 4

L3, B3, C6

Sheriff Withers moves over to the deputy just in case he needs help but Jack indicates he doesn’t even though Withers can see the leg wound. By now, the Diltons have the safe open and are starting to fill their bags with money.

Turn 5

L5, B6, C2

Withers makes his back over to the corner of a building while the stumbled forward. At this point the banker becomes unruly with assisting the brothers empty the safe while more civilians move around in a panic.

Turn 6

L4, B3, C3

Sheriff Withers moves up the hotel’s veranda, using the stage coach as cover. A brief discussion occurs within the bank and a quick blow to the face of the banker gets him assisting the Diltons again.

Even though the civilians are able to move they mostly stay put.

Turn 7

L5, B5, C4

Zack leaves the bank first, heading towards the stage coach. Withers opens fire but misses with a snap shot and then goes down and unconscious with a bad wound to his right arm. With a whoop, Ben exits the bank, runs to the stage coach, jumps up and grabs the reins and starts to move the coach.

Turn 8

L2, B2, C4

Jack move sup to the corner of the nearest building but tries to keeps out of sight. While Zack drives the stage coach, Ben notices Jack and after a short fire-fight, Jack moves further around the corner with a scratch to his right arm (by now my son has decided the girl on the corner is the girlfriend of Zack).

Turn 9

L1, B4, C4

Zach keeps the coach moving and calls out to his girl, who has been standing on the porch of the saloon, obviously on watch as she hasn’t moved all encounter. As the coach moves past the corner of the building, Jack raises his pistol but is dropped with a gut wound from Ben.

They stop briefly to pick up Abbey and they make their way out of Paradise with pistols firing. They manage to get away with $13000.

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  1. Nice, although only a quick view will study if I find time (sigh). Anyway later mate.