Saturday, August 20, 2011

5150 Star Army battle report

This report focuses on the simple patrol action of an Empire platoon sent to the planet to investigate possible rebel sightings. The stats etc that I am using were created by Ken Hafer and posted on the THW yahoo site and so I thought I would give them a try.

Time of day - Daytime

Weather – Fine

Investment level – Rebels 2, Empire 5

No aerial recon provided.

Intel – Good

Sergeant: Star rep 5, squad rep 5, specialist Dlt-19 rifle rep 4.

The 3 PEFs were generated and were reps 6, 4 and 6.

PEF set up

Turn 1 Empire 3 : Rebel 1

The first Storm troopers move on to the middle board section and immediately have LOS to the top PEF. This resolves to be a rebel squad all rep 4. The rest of the squad moves on to take cover behind the forest. The rebels take an insight test and pass 2d6. Their weapons have range of 48” (seems odd that the rebels weapons are exactly the same as the empire but have better range.) so all are in range, unfortunately for the stormtrooper he is the only valid target and is hit 4 times and is shot through the helmet and drops dead. The two troopers in range for the man down test duck back towards the wooded area in front, careful not to have LOS to PEF 3 as they don’t want to have to fight another possible unit yet.


The PEF rep 6 activates and moves towards the stormtroopers 16” and moves through the woods. This then resolves to be a unit in a defensive position. This causes an insight test for the stormtroopers which they pass 2d6 and open fire and due to their high reps, 6 rebels are hit even though they are in cover. 1 rebel is OD while the other 5 are OOF the remaining 2 rebels duck back out of the woods.


The second PEF moves towards the troopers through the woods in area 4. The rebel unit at the top of the table move intothe cover of the nearest woods and take up firing positions. (Patrols – do the move as either attack or defend then when contact roll on the patrol mission.)

Turn 2 E3 : R 6

As the rep 6 PEfs have been resolved, there is no rebel movement.

The stormtroopers move up through the woods and trigger insight tests from the 2 rebels near them and the rebels in the woods at the top of the table. Due to cover of the woods, the sergeant is missed and shoots back and misses. After a short fire-fight the rebels duck back further around the side of the woods out of LOS.

The rebels in the far woods open fire on the 2 visible troops and manage to hit 3 times (rolled 5 dice and 3 6s were rolled. One trooper is OD and the specialist is knocked down and is stunned. The troopers pass their received fire test 2d6 but they have no target to open fire on.


Turn 3 E6 : R3.

No empire movement.

The rebel unit nearest the storm troopers move in to the forest to take a shot at the troopers and trigger an insight test. The rebels lose 1 OD and the other is knocked down and the goes OOF. The PEF moves closer to the troopers while the remaining unit stays still and is ready to fire.



Turn 4 E2 : R3

The PEF moves close to the troopers and results in nothing there. The rebels have to targets so stay ready.

The troopers move further into the woods and the specialist spends the turn recovering. One lone trooper triggers an insight test as he is on the edge of the woods. The rebels snap fire and the trooper goes OD. The specialist recovers.


Turn 5 E3 : R3

Troopers move up to the edge of woods and with the resultant fire-fight end with the rebels leaving the field as they pass their cohesion test 0d6.

Victory to the Empire.

Thought on the game:  Considering I was using stats that Ken had made up, the only thing that I didn’t like was the stats for the basic rebel and empire guns.  All the guns on the rebel figures are pistol based and yet they had a 48” range, while the empire troops hold what appears to be carbine/ rifle type weapons and they have on a 24” range.  He has stated in the rules that these rules are based on the miniatures he had, so maybe he has different minis than I do.  Next time I play a Star Wars game I might modify the rebel range.

I like the 5150 rules and I am keen to give them a try in both 15mm and 28mm.  I have some Starship Troopers minis that I would love to play plus my 15mm rebel & earth force armies.

On to a different subject – I am waiting for some miniatures from Splintered Light so I can make up some 15mm armies for use in Rally Round the King.


Till next time.


  1. Nice report!
    Lucky that the last PEF resulted in nothing. I bet in that moment you were holding your breath ;-)

  2. Thanks. That's the beauty of these games isn't it. You just don't know what is going to happen till the dice roll.