Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Latest editions to my British

I have now managed to finish the full unit of cavalry (4 bases and still have 1 unit to go) and the foot artillery for my Napoleon at War British army.  My British and French infantry boxes arrived today and the British have been based, ready to undercoat.  I intend to buy 1 more British infantry box and horse artillery when I can and this will give me a good start on an army.

I will probably base up the French but not sure when I will paint  them, as this will allow me to play my Napoleonic version of Rally Round the King.  I have managed to get up some basic rules that will allow me to have a test game soon.  I have used the cunning name of Rally Round Napoleon as my working title. Smile

An way on to some photos.

unit 1

cav 3

Foot artillery

limber 1

limber 2

Enjoy and happy new year all.

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