Monday, March 19, 2012

British Napoleonic Army

I have finally managed to paint up all my Napoleon @ War British figures.  This gives me a basic army but I believe that I need to add 1 more box of infantry (4 units) to make it ‘legal’.  I also intend to use it for Lasalle as well.  I have already posted up photos of it but I finally had the enthusiasm (and lack of work this week) to paint up the rest. As well as the box of infantry I would like to buy a horse artillery set as well.

Full army shot


Commander 2

infantry 1

infantry 2

infantry 3

infantry 4

infantry 5

infantry 6

infantry commander

cavalry 1

cavalry commander

artillery 1


  1. Very nice, Graham - just remind me who makes the figures?

  2. Thanks Monty they are from Man at war, here is the link:

  3. Great work finishing so many figures!

    I have just ordered some of my own :)

    Have you played the game yet?

    Happy Gaming,


  4. No gaming yet Allan but I am hoping to shift towns in the next couple of months and I will get some games in then for sure :) I look forward to seeing your troops painted up.