Friday, November 23, 2012

The Bayou comes to Pairadice

I have discovered the game of Malifaux (I know this may be old game for some) and absolutely love this game (and will give my thoughts in a different post).  Partly because it allows me to use my 28mm western stuff again but also because of PIG BOMBS.  Anyway, I have a Gremlins outcast crew (photos hopefully in the next few days as I finish up painting them) but as always my focus is on the scenery first so I have been working on some gremlin based scenery.  It is all 28mm based and you can see an unfinished gremlin for scale.

shacks 1

This piece is rather self explanatory.

shacks 2



This piece is a moonshine still.

scrap pile

This is a scrap pile.


This is obviously a camp.  These 3 pieces have rules in the book that allow interaction with them and not just cover, LOS blockers etc.

pig pen

This is a pigpen where my taxidermist and pig whisperer keep their charges.

Comments etc always welcome.


  1. Lovely work! Really looking forward to seeing a game in action ;)

  2. Thanks Monty. Not sure about when I will get a game in as finding players is the hardest thing right now.

  3. If you are interested in grabbing a game of Malifaux in the Bundaberg area, I've just picked up a few crews myself. Drop me a line at

  4. Outstanding. What specific material do you use for the makeshift, scrap metal fences?