Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rebel Miniatures Review

Apologies for not having posted anything for quite a while now but Uni and my last school prac has taken up most of my time.

  Yes, I have decided to venture in to the land of the 15mm mini.  It has taken over 20 years to go to this scale and I must admit that I wish I had done so earlier.

It was viewing the ranges from both Khurasan and Rebel Miniatures, that drove me over the edge.  So for about $200 AU I now have about 50 Earth force troops, about the same in Sahadeen troops from Rebel; Felids, Vespulid, Karkarine (Shark people) and Orca Assault warriors from Khurasan; Warhound of Sirius, crewmen and Guerrilla packs from RAFM and a whole lot of the Adventurers and Star soldiers range from (These will be used as Judges for Judge Dredd).

The number of miniatures was well worth the dollar outlay and hopefully all will be used playing 5150/Traveller games with a mix of Judge Dredd/5150 as well.

Well I actually managed to get some time over the week to paint up a unit of 10 Rebel Miniatures Earth Force Marines.  These are from the Rebel Miniature range and I bought the 5150 Earth Force pack.  At $25 US and getting close to 50 miniatures included, I believe this to be excellent value, considering you get 2 different armies.   The detail on the minis is excellent with very little flash to clean up.  I have based them on 1/4” flat washers, which allows me to use magnetic sheets to line the case I am storing them in.  I liked the colour scheme on the site so just chose to paint them in similar colours.

Anyway, enough of my rambles and here are the photos.  Apologies for the average quality of them but I was rushed as I was taking them between writing lesson plans.






  1. Amazing table you have and some nice looking figures. I need to get my Rebel miniatures order in!

  2. Thanks - I have just received my Rebel order for 15mm modern/zombie/post apoc. I am extremely happy with Rebel.