Friday, November 12, 2010

At last, photos of my games table and 15mm Sahadeen

Well, at last my games table (from Monty Haul Gaming) has arrived and I have included some photos of it.  What a journey it has been to get it here.  It has taken 11 months, 2 sets of legs and some damage being repaired but finally the table is up and running.



Firstly, a quick review.  I think that the first thing that needs to be stated is that my wife, who has been against the table from the start absolutely LOVES it now, as she realises that she can have her scrap booking stuff in one half and I can have the other half.  This was my big draw card for the table, the way that I can have board games and some miniatures games set up while the table top is on is just the best.

The table is an 8 seater, so this works well when family are over for dinner etc, with 3 seats down each side and one at each end.  Each seat has a pull out draw  so that you can place character sheets etc on it and it has a nice little dice holder as well. 


As an aside, in the above photo you can my geo-hex in the table.  This is only the 2nd or 3rd time that it has made an appearance on a games table since I bought it 15yrs ago.  This is why I love the table, as it traps the geo-hex inside and I don’t have to worry about it falling of the table anymore.

There have been quite a few issues with the delivery of the table but I must say that Monty Haul have been fantastic to deal with.  The freight company, TNT, screwed up big time, TWICE, with the delivery of it.  The first was that they had managed to lose the second box that contained the legs and so I had to store it in my garage, on its side for the two weeks it took to get the legs.  They lied to my wife about them discussing it with me before delivery, that the legs weren’t there (I wasn’t at home when the table was delivered).  They couldn’t find the legs at all, even though it had 4 labels with my name and address on it.  Monty Haul, as I have said were great and between them and my wife, TNT kept on being hammered about the legs.  After 2 weeks, Monty Haul sent out a second set of legs, and then we were informed that 1/2 an hour after the 2nd legs were sent out that TNT found the legs, sitting in Brisbane and they hadn’t realised what the box looked like.

Secondly, even though they knew how heavy the table was, they came in understaffed and so to ease them carrying it, they unpacked the table (even though they weren’t supposed to), then proceeded to damage it in a number of different locations plus they threw away the internal crossbeam.  Again Monty Haul were great and they had a furniture restorer come out yesterday and touch up the scratches etc.

Any way here are some more shots of my table.  The miniatures on it are from Rebel miniatures and are 15mm sci-fi.  My last post was the painting of the Earth Force and I have now managed to get 2 10 man units plus HQ and support weapons painted for the Sahadeen.




Anyway, here are some more pictures with just some basic scenery.




(ignore the mess in background of the above photo :P )



  1. Looking good the geo Hex does fit in very nicely inside the table.
    What is with TNT my table was held for a few days due to a missing part(prob the legs) and they only had one guy to deliver it.

    Anyway good that its up and in action. You haven't named it or is that Michelle's choice?

  2. She doesn't have a name yet, but after the scratches that TNT left and our phone call to Monty Haul while I was in Bundy, the damaged corner was referred to by William as the naughty corner. They also felt that I would end up cheating on Michelle with the table :P

    So my alone time with the table is restricted by Michelle :)