Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nuts! reloaded

I have managed to rebase up my Germans and Russians on individual bases.  The following photos will be of the German infantry and Russian tanks with the Russian infantry hopefully being posted by the end of this coming weekend.  Included in the photos you will be able to see the rep counters that I will be using in all my THW games in the future. The squads aren’t made up of these reps, I just placed the counters there for the photos.

The whole platoon.

German platoon

The individual squads

squad 1

squad 2

squad 3

This shows the rep markers more closely.  Green = 3, blue = 5, white = 6 while I have left rep 4 out and so no counter means rep 4 (mainly just so I don’t have to make up large amounts of rep 4).

rep markers

There are way too many lights in my house so there is always a shadow Sad smile

russian tanks

I have just noticed that I need to paint over the clear part of the decals to hide the shine.'

Any way comments etc welcome as always.


  1. Looking good, Graham - I like the use of colour-coded bases too. Nice tanks, by the way!

  2. Neat idea on the color coded bases! On the decals, have you used a decal setting solutions? You can eliminate most or all of that shininess problem:,9126.html

  3. @sbminisguy - No I haven't, thanks for the link as I am looking at it now :) ...... Just looked and it seems good, pity they don't deliver outside of the US. I will definitely have to look for something that is able to be sent/purchased in Australia.