Thursday, May 12, 2011

Plastic Soldier review

I thought I would give a short review on the panzer 4 tanks that I have just received.  These tanks are from Plastic Soldier and I bought 2 boxes from War and Peace games.  The total cost including shipping was $61 which is fantastic considering that this now gives me 10 plastic panzer 4s.  Each box allows you to make a total of 5 tanks and these can either be Panzer 4 Ausf F1, Ausf F2/G and the H.  I must say that I am impressed with War and Peace as I ordered these Sunday, they were shipped Monday and I received them Wednesday.  Fantastic service. 

Here is a picture of the box.

box cover

Each box comes with 5 sprues and the instructions.  Each sprue contains everything that is needed one tank regardless of the version.

panzer sprue

instructions side 1

instructions side 2

The only negative point that I have concerning the instructions is that they only tell you how to put together the basic tank and then you have to look at the finished picture to tell what goes where.  If you look at the photos above, the pieces are colour coded depending on what model you are making.  This may work well if you know these tanks but as my knowledge is non-existent, I had trouble with one piece.  I have put them together as the H version and if you look at the code, green pieces are for this version.

Ok, I managed to put together all the pieces except 1.  If you look at the picture, there is a green tank up in the right top corner.  I have no idea where this is supposed to go as it is not shown on the blown up and as I can’t see the left hand and rear of the H, I have no idea where to put it and I don’t want to guess, so I have left it off, for the moment.

Having said that, that is my only complaint about these tanks.  Following are some photos of the finished tanks and with a black undercoated FOW Panzer 4.  The detail on the plastics is nearly the same as the FOW one and is just as crisp.  The turrets sit on top of the chassis with a peg inserted into a hole.  These can still be removed if needed.  I will definitely be buying more German vehicles from Plastic Soldier as they become available.  According to their webpage, these will be the vehicles coming out soon:

  • 15mm German SdKfz 251/Ausf C Halftrack
  • 15mm German SdKfz 251/Ausf D Halftrack
  • 15mm German Stug III
  • 15mm Sherman
  • group 2

    panzer iv

    command tank 1

    FOW panzer iv G

    I have also included a photo of the Deadlands deck that I have made up using the PDF that I have just made up.  I was lucky enough to get the PDFs that Pinnacle published 7-8 yrs ago and have finally made them up for a 1 shot game I will be running in a couple of weeks.  You can see the backs in the group photo above.

    deadlands poker deck


    1. Did you ever find out where that part goes? I too have no idea about it!

    2. Josh no I didn't. As a result I have decided not to worry about them and have just removed all the left over pieces from the sprues, placed them in my bits box and will probably just forget about them. :)

    3. Probably what I will do as well!
      What do you base your individual 15mm figures on? They look very nice.

    4. Josh - Thanks, I glue the miniature on to a washer that is 3/4 inch in diameter and then use poly-filler around the base to make the base up to feet level.