Thursday, June 9, 2011

FOW Russians

Here are the latest pictures of my painted FOW Russians.  This comes in at about 1800pts.  I still have 5 bases of sappers, a MG company and a Scout platoon yet to paint.  I have some flame thrower infantry as well but some of these are going to be individually based up for NUTS! so I might not have enough for FOW.  Anyway enough chit chat, on to the photos.

russian as at 8 June 

Here you can see a 2 platoon Strelkovy Company, a 3 platoon Strelkovy Company, Gods of War Artillery Company ( 8 76mm ZIS-3 and 4 122mm howitzers), 6 SU 76s 2 early and 4 later models, KV2 (I think), AA platoon, 5 T 34/76, 6 valantines (4 VIII and 2 II)

infantry company 1

infantry company 2

Gods of War Artillery

artillery 2

artillery staff



These bases are different as I played with different types.  This looked more in line with Normandy etc so I will use it for my US and German armies.

valantines 1

valantines 2

Well that’s it for now.  Enjoy.

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