Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing around with MapTool

I have been playing around with MapTool , mainly to see how it would work in a Traveller PBM/RPG game and the more I play with it the more I like this tool.  Just need to say that character tokens have used images from Rebel Miniatures until I can get my own painted.  These have not been distributed in any way.

To be able to create your own maps, import others as well as have LOS, Fog of War (players can only see what they have LOS too) as well as playing over a LAN or even the internet makes this quite powerful.

Yesterday I spent trying to convert some of my Mayhem Tiles (from WWG) to be used to make modern maps, so I decided to make up a small map and try and have a game of All Things Zombie (THW).  I haven’t yet had the chance to play the game but I have taken some photos of what has been completed.  I actually was even able to connect the laptop up to my TV.  Anyway, here are the pictures:

laptop & TV

The next photo show the LOS function.  I have the cursor over a character Clive and it shows up the LOS the character has in white lines.  There are two lines that I have red around, these aren’t LOS markers, they are just from the images I captured of the tiles. 

photo 1

In the next photo, you can see the different LOS that Don has over Clive as he is further down the street and as a result he can’t see down the alley any where near as far as Clive.

photo 2

The next photo I have included a zombie on the board and the LOS that it has.  Here it can see Clive and over half of the base of Tony.

zombie LOS

Clive now has LOS to the zombie.

Clive LOS to zombie

Jack the third character can see just the smallest part of the zombie base so this could easily be ruled as having no LOS.

Jack LOS to zombie

The next photo shows the updated character sheet.  Here you can see the cursor just placed over the token and then the other picture and character sheet appears.  The sheet can be modified depending on what game you are playing.  I have placed a blue square halo over Jack as he is rep 5 while the other three have a red halo as they are rep 4.  The zombie have a red circle base.

character sheet sample

The tool can even handle die rolls attacks and assigning damage with the correct macros.  There is a huge amount of resources on the site and a great bunch of people on the forum ready to help.

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