Saturday, October 1, 2011

Splintered Light Undead army

This week I received my order from Splintered Light Miniatures and after a couple nights worth of work, here are some pictures from my Undead army.  I purchased both an Undead army as well as a Wood Elf army and will be working on the elves over this week.  I have also bought grey pumice from Vallejo to use as basing material instead of the poly filler but  as I was too impatient to wait so I could base both armies with it, and as a result I will have to only use it on the elves.

The big reason I chose Splintered Light for my Undead army is that I love the fact that they have different skeleton types to choose from.  I was able to buy skeleton dwarves, orcs, humans and Leonines (humanoid lions) and centaurs.  There were others that I didn’t not initially choose but will like to buy eg artillery and monsters.

As a quick review, I am very impressed by the Splintered Light minis.  I had fantastic service right from the start as I was told part of my order was needed to be restocked and David continued this level of communication all the way through.  The figures are great, with little to no flash on them at all and the range to choose from was huge (and only getting bigger – new elf cavalry out hopefully late October and Ratmen, again hopefully, by the end of year).

I have used DBA basing sizes so I can use both of these armies in a variety of games.  I will be using them for Rally Round the King (RRTK) from THW, they are the same base size as my DBA Selucids (see earlier posts) and can also be used for HOTT (Horde of the Things), the fantasy DBA rules. 

I hope to play a game of RRTK during the week sometime so I will be posting a battle report soon.  Any way on to the pictures……


army 1

army 2

The next picture shows the characters of the army Hero, wizard, wizard (left to right).


The hero would have to be my favourite as I really like the paint job on her. Hopefully I have painted her up to look like a wraith (she is actually from the zombie range).


The next are Centaur archers.


The next photo is of my army general and Leonine warriors with 2 handed swords.

leader and lion warriors

Dwarven cavalry.

dwarven cavalry

Dwarven warriors.

dwarven warriors

Ghouls are next.


Orc warriors

orc warriors

Human archers

skeleton archers



I have just noticed that I didn’t paint up the guts that are hanging off the zombie in the back.  Will have to fix that up.


  1. They look nice, so I guess there is another army in the wings. Waiting to get painted