Friday, December 23, 2011

More 15mm scenery

Having started work at a PCYC vacation centre (during the school holidays), the last 2 weeks have just disappeared.  I went from working 24hrs for the fortnight up to 75+ hours so I have had very little enthusiasm to do anything but now that I have some holidays, I thought I would post up some scenery that I have been working on (unfortunately no gaming so far) and just haven’t had a chance to post up.

The first series of photos are my 15mm hulk/base.  I have purchased a large force of Khurasan Space demons so I can use them to play alien hulk with them.  I was hoping that my order would have arrived before Christmas but Santa must have placed them at the bottom of his sack.  I have also taken the opportunity to increase my Felid army as well so I will post photos when they arrive.

I will at some point paint more details on the consoles etc.

The second are bases that I have made up for Lasalle (15mm Napoleonic game) and will be used as town bases.  I like them so much they will probably be my default town pieces for most games.  They are 4inches (10cm) square.

Apologies for the crappy photos but the living room has way to many lights and no matter how I try,, I can’t remove the shadows.  I have started to add alien hive to the pieces and will also place it on the space demons’ bases.  This was inspired by the bases the Mr. Bug Man has used on his bases.

full setup











flight deck

Here are a couple of comparison shots of my 15mm and 28mm hulk pieces.  The 28mm piece in the photo is not yet fully painted.

comp 1

comp 2

While I really like the larger versions, the smaller one is quicker and simpler to make, so I will end up making the official Space Hulk version (see earlier posts) as well as the 15mm version.

town 1

town 2

town 3

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas too you all.


  1. I always wanted a 3d spacehulk sort of game but in 28mm its just to big, your solution to minimize everything to 15mm is brilliant. Lovely job.

  2. Thanks Navarro, I have some bricks in the deydrater as I type so I will have some more pieces to post soon. The more I am involved with 15mm the more I love the scale. Minis are cheaper, the range is getting better everyday and the scenery is sooo!! much easier to store :D

  3. I agree! For me 15mm opened so many doors since you can do things like your spacehulk, dioramas, big armies etc without spending a fortune and stressing to much about storage space.