Saturday, November 26, 2011

Return of the forgotten project

It has been nearly 2 years since I worked on my Space Hulk project.  I managed to make and paint enough sections to play the first mission with and then moved on to other projects.  As I haven’t been able to get the time in to play my first game of Rally Round the King, I have been able to revisit this project while some renewed enthusiasm hit.  Unfortunately I have run out of hydrocal so it cannot go any further until I get some more.

Before I ran out though, I have managed to make enough pieces to make up floor pieces for the latest edition of the game as well as having enough industrial and pipe pieces to edge the board sections.  I have managed to make up a number of complete sections mainly t-intersections and other corridor pieces  but I have also managed to make up all but 2 of the rooms.

Here are some photos of a couple of the rooms that have been built and painted.

The first room is my version of the 4 x 3 room.  I have designed it as a teleporter room and you can see the two teleporting pads.

space hulk room 2

This picture is obviously the completed picture and then a close up of the energy cells.

teleporter room (4 x 3)

plasma cell

This is first time that I have tried to paint this sort of effect.  Not too bad for a first attempt.

This next room I have made 2 of the walls as barricades as I envisage that the room is larger and that some unknown defenders hastily built up these barricades to help defend themselves.  You can see 3 sentry guns that were also used in the defence.

space hulk room 1

barricade room

barricade room 2



  1. Very, very impressive, Graham ;)

  2. Fantastic work, I like the little story you have for each piece. I'm going to spend some time with my 15mm hulk pieces today now!

  3. Thanks Monty and Spacejacker.

    Spacejacker - would love to see your hulk. Do you have any links to any photos?