Saturday, June 8, 2013

Living the 'dream'?

Well the news that I had hinted at in April can finally be revealed.  Drum roll please............ I have started up my own FLGS called Pegasus Gaming.  I am currently getting everything sorted out but we will officially open this coming Monday.  It is very exciting as my wife and I will tag-team working there during school hours, allowing me to continue supporting the family with relief primary school teaching and on the days there is no available work and after school hours I can be in there.

I am definitely looking forward to this new chapter.  Our town has gone through a lot recently and my hope is that this will bring the gaming community together.  It has been fragmented for far too long and this worsened as a large number of gamers lost not only gaming material but their entire house contents during the floods.  Over the last couple of days, while I have been setting up the store, we have had people come in and not only to chat but to play as well, and I must admit to enjoying each moment that a laugh or an anguished cry echoed around the rooms.

Anyway back to filling out forms for trade accounts.