Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just thought I would post up some pictures that I took today of my space hulk board section.  Need to get moving on this project again.  Like always though, another project is vying for time and looks like it will be winning.  I want to make up 3d version of the warhammer quest tiles as myself and a couple of others are wanting to get back in and play it........ahhh memories!

Anyway on to the space hulk photos.

The next ones are just all the painted pieces I have thrown together.

And these last ones are obviously of pieces that need to be completed.


  1. Glad to see you back. Those Space Hulk tiles look amazing. Great work.

  2. The layout looks terrific! Excuse my ignorance, but are these tiles/wall sections from someone like Ainsty, or is this one of those systems whereby you purchase moulds and cast them yourself?

  3. Thanks, Gunrunner. I use moulds to cast up individual pieces and then put them together to make up each tile. The moulds are from Hirst Arts.

    1. Ah, I wondered if that was the case. Anyhow, it looks brilliant. Thanks for the reply!