Saturday, March 15, 2014

Battle Cry 2.0

Last night we played our first game of Battle Cry using the new scenery from last post.  My trees and buildings had arrived the day before so I hadn't completed building the forest and homestead bases and I was unsuccessful in making ploughed field bases that I was happy with.

Anyway, we played the game with 2 players on each side and as usual my army commanders had decided that since they were 3 days away from retirement that only the troops on my left flank would move. Now considering we had no left flank, the majority of my troops just sat around and watched their Union counterparts maneuver around the field.

This highlights why I love this game and the other games like it.  While I wanted my army to move in the centre and right flank, 90% of our cards drawn for movement were for the left flank.  So while it was frustrating not to be able to move where I wanted to, the game was still close as we only lost the game by 2 flags (we needed 7 to win and we managed to get 5).  This battle saw the Union more or less ambush the Rebels and it indeed turned out that way. 

This last photo shows the last Confederate unit to be removed that one the game for the Union.  It was a great game as always and I can't wait to play it as well as Command & Colours Ancients and Napoleonics on it.  10mm Nap figures will be the next purchase.

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