Monday, July 21, 2014

Ogre Designer's Edition

I bought the designer's edition of Ogre today.  I am not sure if I have ever played any version of this game before, but when I saw the size of the box, I knew I had no choice.    :)

I have taken photos of the initial unboxing and I have a photo that shows the scale of the contents.  Anyway a picture is as good as thousand words so let's have a look.

The book in the corner is an A5 sized book included to give some sort of scale.

This photo shows the side of the box.  As this is the designer's edition, it included kickstarter extras and the entire back of the box is full of these.

These are those extras.  The 4 packs each contain 8+ boards. Each pack contains extra map tiles as well as the extra ogres and other units.

This photo shows the storage containers that will hold the various vehicles and other pieces.

These are the 4 map holders, each holder contains 2 maps.  This plus the 2 extra maps that I didn't take photos of - mainly because I forgot.

This photo shows one of the holders and the storage below the maps.

This last photo I have used from Boardgame Geek (Photo by Alex Kosarek.) that shows the contents all laid out.  I could not have taken a better photo, so why reinvent the wheel.

This edition definitely gives real value for money and I hope that it plays just as well.

Enjoy and as all ways C&Cs welcome.

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