Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5150 Judge Dredd play test part 1

Judge Ghalgor: Rep 5, Fit 3, People 5, Law 4, Hard as nails (chosen), Nerves of Steel (rolled).
Weapons: Lawgiver, stun baton
Equipment: Lawmaster, (rep 4), birdie lie detector, Long range com
Armour: Tactical

Judge Ghalgor awoke and readied himself for the day shift.  Today he would be patrolling sector 45 located in Meg East.  He knew that it wouldn’t be too long into his shift before the stress of living in Megacity One would bring out the worst in its inhabitants.
++ Crime in progress at Caitee Perri Block.   Possible perp dealing stolen knee pads. ++
“Control, this is Ghalgor, I am in the area and am responding”
++ Roger that, Eye in the Sky has located the perp on level 23 ++
“ETA one minute Control.”


Ghalgor gave a wry smile, 3 minutes in and his first call.  At least this should be an easy bag and tag.
“Control, perp has been spotted.  Computer, identify. “

++ Perp is identified as Lester Sproll, last known address is level 25 Caitee Perri.
(Activation roll Judge 4, perp 3)

‘Lester Sproll, cease and desist, surrender all items and place yourself on the ground.’
(People challenge, what should have been an easy arrest: Ghalgor 5 dice, Sproll 2d goes south as both pass 1 d6 which results in ‘no surrender and roll insight)

‘Drok, it’s a judge!  I can't go back to the cubes.  I'll have to try and run for it and hope to loose the judge.’
‘Control, perp is running, taking him down (snap fires) before he can.’ 

Lester falls to the ground and doesn’t move.
(Roll is a 5 and results in a hit and results in a gut shot with Sprolls being knocked down.  The result of the recover from knock down is that Sprolls is dead)
‘Control, perp is down, send in a clean-up wagon and notify Resyke.’

++ Roger that Ghalgor, proceed to Tailor Swyft Block.  Perp has been spotted scrawling. ++

‘Control, I am in the next block, am on my way.’
‘Perp has be spotted, am proceeding on foot.”
  (Rosco Haltyu, rep 3, desperation: 0, armed with a small pistol)

‘Drop the chrome and surrender!’ (Arrest roll: Judge 3 dice, Rosco 0.  He immediately surrenders and Ghalgor make a sentence roll). 
‘Citizen Rosco, you are charged with crime of scrawling, you have been found guilty, sentence is 2 moths ISO-cubes.  Control, send a catch wagon to my position for a pick up.’ Ghalgor states matter-of-factly as he cuffs Haltyu to the holding post.
++ Roger ++
Stay tuned for second part in Prog 2.

Well for a first play test I am happy with the way it played.  Certainly a surprise on the first arrest.


  1. This looks like fun! I have some old 15mm Judge Dredd figures somewhere!

  2. Oh, this is something I always wanted to do! Do you have rules for different fire modes / ammunition?

    Whiteface / Oliver

  3. I have some trial rules. Hopefully the opportunity will arise soon enough.

  4. I really enjoyed your narrative of the events. :-)