Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Six Gun Sound battle report


I played my first Six Gun Sound (by THW see my links) game today, this was a small game to try and learn the rules.  I think I got most of the rules ok except for this: I was giving the sheriff too many shots as it was only on the last turn that I discovered the rule for reaction and action fire using the target number of the weapon. There may have been others that I was not aware that I missed.

My flickr account for April has been maxed so I am hoping these photos come out all right.

sepia setup

Word had gotten round that the Dilton brothers were coming to Paradise to spend their latest loot.  On the way, the Diltons’ befriended a young cowboy by the name of Samuel and were going to have fun in town.

Sheriff Withers and his deputy Jack, decided to intervene.  As the Diltons made their way into town, one of their informants gets word about the sheriff to them and so they attempt to sneak into town.  This is where the batrep begins.

Introducing the cast:

Sheriff Withers – rep 4, toughness 4, sand 4, armed with a pistol and rifle.

Deputy Jack – rep 3, t 4, s 4, armed with two pistols

Zack Dilton – rep 4, t 4, s 5, armed with two pistols

Ben Dilton – rep 5, t 4, s 5, armed with a scatter gun

Samuel – rep 3, t 4, t 4 armed with 2 pistols

Law set up:

law setup

Outlaw set up:

set up 1

I am using the gunfight encounter out of the rule book and the above characters were rolled up using the various tables with in the rules.

Turn one

L 6 O2

The outlaws move around to the front of the building they are hiding behind and as they are unable to see anyone, no shots are possible.

end turn 1

Turn two

L4 O3

Lawmen move first. Sheriff Withers moves first and moves to the front of the saloon. The 2 outlaws and the cowboy spot the sheriff and make their ‘got a shot’ checks: Zack Dilton raises a pistol to fire but before he can, Withers sights down his rifle and takes a shot but misses.

Ben Dilton fires his scattergun but is out of range and misses. Samuel has trouble drawing his pistol and misses his chance to fire (passed 0d6).

In response, the sheriff once again draws a bead on Zack, pulls the trigger and again misses. Zack returns fires at Withers but the shot goes wild. The sheriff inhales gently pulls the trigger and manages to hit Zack in the guts and he goes OOF.

The deputy moves around to the corner of the saloon but cannot see any one yet.

law turn 2

Ben Dilton moves to the corner of the general store and shoots at the sheriff. Luckily for the sheriff the balcony support pole he is behind deflects both the shots (I decided that the support beams would only obscure anyone behind them and not provide cover due to their size).

lucky sheriff

Withers returns fire and manages to hit Ben in his gun arm (only both arms and head are visible) and causes him to go OOF. The sheriff got lucky this turn as the pole managed to deflect both shot from the scattergun and when he shot back he managed to hit Ben even though he was behind cover.

Having seen his new found friends fall, a rush of adrenaline surges through Samuel and he continues to fight as he passes his ‘continue fightin’’ roll.


Turn 3

L 3 06

This adrenaline rush does not last long as Samuel thinks about how close this friendship really is and as a result he does not react this turn.

Sheriff moves up closer and using the next support pole as a rest he takes a shot at Samuel. As he does so the rifle slips slightly and the shot goes wild. Samuel shoots from the hip at the sheriff and Withers turns out to be the luckiest S.O.B in the west as one again the pole he is behind is hit instead (again obscuring cover effects the shot). He chooses to return fire and hits Samuel in the chest causing a heavy wound (-2 to his rep).


The deputy moves to the corner and start to take aim. Samuel takes a shot hoping to cause the deputy to flinch but all it does is throw the deputy’s aim out and as a result Jack’s return shots misses.

Turn 4.

L6 02

Believing the cowboy will surrender, the lawmen don’t act this turn. Samuel moves behind the boxes nearest him, for cover and at this point he realises that his chest wound is going to make it hard to continue (due to the negative on his rep it is near impossible to hit anyone) so puts his hands up, surrenders and calls for a doctor.


Samuel is taken to Doc Tangent to be fixed up before his hangin’ and peace descends on Paradise once more.

set up

I hoped you enjoyed this report and any comments and thoughts are welcomed.


  1. Nice report mate.
    Glad to see they are getting used.

  2. Very nice. I play a lot of ATZ and Nuts and CR in general but have not had a game of SGS yet. I'm all ready to go after this batrep.
    Please post more when you can, I'll be watching for them!

  3. how cool is that? at the last owlcon (here in houston and rice university) i was very fortunate to play in an ATZ game run by ed himself. the reason i mention this is b/c i was slotted to play 'gut shot' at the same time. when i realized that ATZ was being played in the next table over i immediately jumped tables. so i'm so glad to find out that thw has a western skirmish in their family of games. i also like the sepia-toned first shot. very period.

  4. @Herrodadog - I have ATZ as well and I don't have any zombies otherwise I would play and post a game of it as well.