Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Arnica Buildings

Here are some more photos of more Arnica buildings.

This is a hotel.  I have yet to put a sign on it as I am not quite sure of what I will be calling it.  The next 3 photos will be of different angles.

The next photo is of the Laundry.  At some point I will make an add on piece that will have a few clothes lines etc on it.

And this last one is of the Mercantile – distressed.

Again, no signs and these will be added later.  Only when I was painting the mercantile building did I notice that the roof was for a different building as it is quite a bit longer than the building (my only minor issue- as I am not going to even try and cut the roof down to size).

My mat from terrain mat has been dispatched so I am hoping to have some town shots and a review of the mat soon.

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