Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paradise Citizens move in

Today my two terrain mats from Terrain Mats arrived.  Very nice indeed.  I have taken quite a few photos of some buildings on the western mat and some wings of war on the western front mat.

I forgot to add one of my painted Arnica buildings on the table and I have yet to paint up 2 more and 3 more have not yet been sent from the Arnica guys.

I have my citizen plus 4 cowboys on the table plus some other scenery that has been made up.  On the square bases are my version of tumble weeds.

The two mats are below.  The western front has detail on either side and as my dining table is not large enough, it will be in two photos.

A few photos follow of Paradise with out citizens.

Wings of war 1

Hopefully you all enjoyed these photos and I look forward to running some games.  Just remembered I need to paint up some more cowboys.


  1. Makes me want to order mine now. Now I know what to spend my O/T on.

  2. The only thing that I was disappointed with, is that the photos on the web are for the 7' mat so you don't get as much green fields on the sides. But it still looks gorgeous.