Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wood Elf Army

Here are the photos of my Wood Elf army from Splintered Light Miniatures.  These are based like my Undead, for HOTT or mainly for Rally Round the King.

Wood Elf army

Army 1

army 2

archers 1

dryad units

dryads 1

General 1

Guard 1

hero 1

characters 1

rangers 1

spearmen 1

swordmen 1

wizard 1



  1. These look great. I'm anxiously awaiting your RRTK report. I don't understand the rules so very well, and think a concrete example will help. Also, your reviews of Splintered Light miniatures was very helpful. I may do the same for some armies I'm considering.

  2. Thanks Jerry. I am hoping to get a game of RRTK in by next week end, so hopefully it will help.