Monday, February 13, 2012

Termite Mounds

Here are a couple of photos of termite mounds that can be used for FNG 2nd Tour.  The rules are as follows courtesy of the author Darby:

Termite mounds- DV3 or DV4 (even chance). Each is approx 1"-2" wide and 4"-6" long (yes, they are linear), and are half as tall as a person. Troops standing behind a mound count as in cover, but not concealment from the ground. Troops prone behind mounds are considered to be out of direct LOS for being fired upon.  Troops behind termite mounds only count as in cover from the air if the mound is between the target and the aircraft.

Anyway on to the photos.

termite mounds 1

termite mounds 2

termite mounds 3

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