Monday, February 20, 2012

Vietnam village planners sacked

Over the last couple of days I have been building some Vietnam buildings called hooches.  I must admit that the first 4 buildings built were looking good until I painted them.  As hooches are made with grass/bamboo I tried to give the impression by using textured paint that I quickly slapped together.  I was not impressed but kept going and then painted them a nice green colour (of grass).  I then posted them up on the Fields of Fire forum and the helpful members reinforced my thoughts and was given extremely useful advice.

Using this information I have then constructed a new building (based on one I saw in a battle report) and I am much happier with the new version.  It is more labour intensive but so much more worth the effort.  The pictures go from the crappy ones to the new improved version.

The old

completed hooch 1

completed hooch 2

The new

improved hooch 1

improved hooch 3

Let me know your thoughts.