Friday, February 10, 2012

Jungle warfare stage 2

The jungle trees that I ordered have arrived and I have managed to build some more jungle bases.  The day before they arrived, my mother-in-law had bought a 200 piece dinosaur play set so as a result I have large amounts of jungle trees and not enough bases.  I will have to buy some MDF and hope that my ultra cheap jigsaw will cut out the pieces.

The new pieces.  Let’s play spot the Ruskie!!

scenery 2

jungle 1

jungle 2

jungle 3

jungle 4

Finally all the pieces together.

full jungle


  1. Look straight forward and classic jungle gaming terrain. Already downloaded a couple of photos for reference. :)

    As to spotting Ruski's, I immediately thought of the Monty Python skit discussing cover and camouflage. :D

  2. I like that skit, well actually I like most of their skits. :D

  3. Some pretty cool stuff here - I'm just startin out painting vietnam war 28mm

    DMS and my brand new vietnam site